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This blog and the accompanying Investing Motherlode are for serious investors in common stocks. They detail an approach to investing that works.

At the end of his career in 1974 in the midst of what may still be the greatest bear market since the 1930s, Benjamin Graham gave a speech to securities analysts. It was styled “Renaissance of Value”, and was reprinted in Barron’s September 23, 1974, and is quoted by Roger Lowenstein in ‘Buffett’. (Lowenstein, 1995,2008)p.160. Graham remarked that investing did not require genius: “What it needs is, first, reasonably good intelligence; second, sound principles of operation; third, and most important, firmness of character.”

The Nuggets blog and Investing Motherlode deal solely with principles of operation. There are no suggestions for specific stock purchases. There are no comments on the economy or market conditions.

Nuggets of Investing Wisdom blog

The blog is written by an experienced and successful individual investor who can speak to the needs, challenges and resources available to individuals. It will also serve professional active investors quite well in reminding them of ideas and studies they may have read and forgotten or maybe never read at all.

Investing Motherlode

Investing Motherlode is a deeper look at the principles of operation behind successful common stock investing. Access to the Investing Motherlode website is limited to registered readers. It costs nothing to register.

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The author

Rodney L.K Smith Q.C. is an investor and retired trial lawyer. He has a documented 50 year investing track record. Since the early 1970s he has achieved a compounded total return on his family savings of 13.00%. This includes time in bonds and treasury bills. This performance compares with an S&P 500 Index compounded rate of return with full dividend reinvestment of 10.51% over the same time frame. During this period the average rate of inflation was 3.76%.

He has an S.J. (Doctor of Laws) degree from the University of Toronto and a B.Sc. in mathematics and physics from Bishops University.