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This local resident offered no concerns about interest rates or the state of the stock market

We are away for a month escaping the Canadian winter. There is lots to read. There are over 150 timeless posts on this blog. Try picking one or two each week from the list below. Or just look through the tags index on the home page to find a topic of interest.

A timely issue right now is risk and volatile markets:

How to cope with volatility

Let’s clear up misunderstandings about risk and volatility

The joy of higher return with no more risk

We can learn a lot from successful gamblers and from losing gamblers:

Lessons from the world of gambling

Losing the winning game

Gambling, trading, risk intolerance and investing

An old bugbear of mine is the price/earnings ratio. A lot of investors are fooled by it:

What is the right price earnings ratio?

Problems with CAPE – Part ll

CAPE’s halo falls with a thud

We are exposed to all manner of charts. They supposedly make clear all sorts of things about finance and economics. But you need to be smart about reading them. Charts can lie through their teeth.

The common misuse of charts

Chart distortions that drive me crazy


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