Intangibles and a new model of capitalism

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The Age of Intangibles

The world is always changing. The biggest change in the world of business in the last forty years has been the shift in company capital investment away from tangible assets and towards intangible assets. This has had a major impact on metrics such as earnings, price/earnings, book value of equity, ROC, ROE, CAPE and several others. Here are some posts that address the issue:

The emergence of a new model of capitalism

Stock valuation in an age of intangible assets

Is the price earnings ratio (P/E) obsolete?

Financial strength – the debt equity ratio has serious shortcomings

The fading usefulness of book value

Be wary of using Return on Capital (ROC)

Risk and volatile markets:

Academia, including several Nobel prize winners, and many in the investment industry have it all wrong when it comes to understanding risk and volatility in stock markets.

How to cope with volatility

Let’s clear up misunderstandings about risk and volatility

The joy of higher return with no more risk

Gambling, trading and investing:

Gambling, trading and investing are three completely different activities. But investors can learn a lot of both what not to do and what to do from gamblers and traders.

Lessons from the world of gambling

Losing the winning game

Gambling, trading, risk intolerance and investing

Charts can lie through their teeth.

I would estimate that more than half of all charts we see in news, commentators and analysts’ reports about stocks and finance are fundamentally flawed and potentially seriously misleading.

The common misuse of charts

Chart distortions that drive me crazy


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